Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting ready...

I highly doubt I will be starting my P90X tomorrow because even if I get it in the mail, it is being shipped to my bf's grandmas...long story...and he will be there tues and wed so the earliest I would get it would be wed night. Anyways, I was thinking I would stray from my Monday obsession and start in the middle of the week so I can have "REST" day during the week, instead of the weekends. I always work out during the week and rarely on the weekends...which is kind of stupid because I do everything during the week and not much on the weekends. Even though I am not starting P90X tomorrow, I will still workout and I do have a soccer game, so all won't be lost. I have had a few days of being lazy and it makes me feel gross, so tomorrow will be back to my usual routine until I start my new one! I have been trying to shake this cold too, so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to breathe better? I am sure I will be good to go.

I bought a new resistance band today, a heavy one. I already have a medium one, along with dumbells, but I will be doing most pull up routines with the band. I bought my bf that pullup bar that goes in the door frame, but at my house the door frames are tiny and go right to the celling, sooooo I will not be using that for now. Maybe by the end of the program I will be moved out of my parents house and have better door frames?? HA. We will see. I can only do like one pullup anyways, so this way maybe I will work up to them and try them at the gym or something.

Today I will be resting and relaxing, reading up on P90X to prepare myself, watching March Madness (go CUSE!), and doing some homework. Ohh Sundays :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's ME

So, I never really thought I would do a blog before, but after researching the P90X blogs and then becoming addicted to reading them, I figured, hey- why not? I am waiting for my P90X to come in the mail so I can finally get started. I need something different to kick start my workouts again and get my butt back into shape. I am 23, just graduated last May with my undergrad in Physical Education. I am currently a K-8 Physical Education teacher, I work at an after school program, and I coach soccer. I am a former high school soccer, basketball, and lacrosse player and I went on to play soccer in college and still play 1 to 2 times a week now on teams. You would think with this type of background in sports and physical activity I should be in the best shape ever...I wish. The past year I have struggled to get into a routine of consistantly working out. I was so used to having soccer in my life and the workout I would get from playing that all year round in college kept me in pretty good shape. I have been home over a year now, actually. I moved back home in Dec. 2007 because I was student teaching in Jan. From the time I moved back into my house until now, I have probably gained about 10 pounds. Ugh 10 pounds. I have probably gained 15...maybe even a little more...since my junior year in college, when I was at my peak of "fitness". I WANT THAT BACK. I know it is hard because I will never have college soccer type workouts again, but I need something that makes me feel like I HAVE to do it, like soccer did. I need something that I cannot skip or make excuses for. I also need something that will actually give me a hard workout.

I love my jobs. I love the fact this is what I will be doing for the rest of my life...but I have fears. I do not want to be that overweight, out-of-shape, "GYM" teacher that everyone looks at and wonders..."what the hell is she doing being a Physical Educator". I want to be a role model, not a bad example. I read everything there is to read about health and fitness. I know what I need to do, but I have a hard time keeping up with it. I love food...seriously, who doesn't? It doesn't help having a skinny boyfriend that can eat and eat and eat and never workout and still have a six-pack and muscle definition.

I am a GO BIG OR GO HOME kind of person. This is good...and bad. I like to win, I like to be the best...but I also can be lazy and make excuses. I am a Monday starter. I always say I will start on Monday...and usually I do. Mondays are always good...I eat good, workout, I feel good. Some weeks I will make it last for tues, wed, thurs, and sometimes even fri. Some months I have good weeks. Then there are the Mondays I start good, but if for some reason I cannot workout on tues or wed, then I feel like...oh well the rest of the week is shot, it's another bad week. It is either workout hardcore everyday of the week, or not workout at all. It is one extreme or the other. I was doing pretty well for awhile....but I would say the past month was the worst....I don't want to go into another summer not wanting to go to the beach. I need to get back to the way I looked at working out and eating when I was in college. I am like opposite of typical people in college when it came to weight. I did gain the freshman 15...but it scared the crap out of me and I ended up losing more than the 15 and changing all my bad habits. I wrote in a food and exercise journal (which really works) and I had a steady routine. When I moved home, I adopted the bad habits back because of spending time going out to eat with the BF and living in a house with my family where junk food is dinner. I am tired from work and taking grad classes, and the gym is the last place I want to go. I love to work out when I am there, but lately I am not pushing myself as hard as I know I should, so I feel like it is pointless...see go big or go home...and I rather go home.

So, I plan to go big AT about that? No excuses, I can work out at home...let's see how it goes. I am determined to do this...along with still playing soccer and going for runs once the weather warms in Buffalo you never know when that will be.

Please feel free to comment now or when I get started, especially if you have done p90x, are doing it now, or are thinking of doing it also.

Peace out for now...cross your fingers that I get it by workouts always have to start on Mondays...haha