Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting ready...

I highly doubt I will be starting my P90X tomorrow because even if I get it in the mail, it is being shipped to my bf's grandmas...long story...and he will be there tues and wed so the earliest I would get it would be wed night. Anyways, I was thinking I would stray from my Monday obsession and start in the middle of the week so I can have "REST" day during the week, instead of the weekends. I always work out during the week and rarely on the weekends...which is kind of stupid because I do everything during the week and not much on the weekends. Even though I am not starting P90X tomorrow, I will still workout and I do have a soccer game, so all won't be lost. I have had a few days of being lazy and it makes me feel gross, so tomorrow will be back to my usual routine until I start my new one! I have been trying to shake this cold too, so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to breathe better? I am sure I will be good to go.

I bought a new resistance band today, a heavy one. I already have a medium one, along with dumbells, but I will be doing most pull up routines with the band. I bought my bf that pullup bar that goes in the door frame, but at my house the door frames are tiny and go right to the celling, sooooo I will not be using that for now. Maybe by the end of the program I will be moved out of my parents house and have better door frames?? HA. We will see. I can only do like one pullup anyways, so this way maybe I will work up to them and try them at the gym or something.

Today I will be resting and relaxing, reading up on P90X to prepare myself, watching March Madness (go CUSE!), and doing some homework. Ohh Sundays :)


  1. Good luck getting started! I'm a soccer player too and never used to have to worry about my weight during school because we trained so much. I still play now, pretty much all year, but it's just not the same. I'm getting old(!!) and it's getting harder to play if I'm not in good shape. I want to be able to play until I'm in my 50's if possible, so I realized I needed to do something else. Plus, I really could lose 30lbs! Anyway, I'll be watching your progress. It's helpful to have a blog and to read others'. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with it! It's intense, but doable. You'll get in shape in no time!

  3. Great blog. I love P90X as well. I am currently mixing it up with Insanity. Also, just wondering is you ever thought about turning your passion for fitness and P90X into a business by becoming a Beachbody coach? You can look me up by clicking on my link if you have questions.

    Make it a great day,